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The Research in Resource-Limited Countries Department has three major missions:

- scientific, regulatory, ethical, logistic, financial, and operational follow-up of research projects. The team works closely with investigators and researchers, giving advice and support at different stages of their projects and providing appropriate professional expertise. The department organizes calls for proposals in resource-limited countries and assists the review boards.

- support for ANRS sites in the development of their activities and strategic choices. 

- research management, by participating in working groups and in the activities of Coordinated Action 12 (countries with limited resources) and through full involvement in scientific management. 

The department liaises closely with large international institutions, ministries and national programs, and nongovernmental organizations. 

Supervisor: Claire Rekacewicz

4 project managers: Maria Camila Calvo Cortès, Isabelle Fournier, Laure-Amélie de Monteynard, Alice Montoyo

1 secretary: Isabelle Meuro - Tel. +(33) 01 53 94 60 13 –