The department - hepatitis - clinical

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The department that works on clinical and therapeutic research on viral hepatitis and HIV has three main missions:

- to support clinical and therapeutic research projects on HIV and hepatitis viruses, from conception to completion, and to provide scientific, regulatory, and budgetary know-how.
- to lead research by participating in thematic working groups and coordinated actions. 
- to help develop translational research, to ensure that the discoveries of basic research help improve patient care.

Supervisor: Ventzislava Petrov-Sanchez

6 project managers: Carole Cagnot, Hélène Fromentin, Delphine Lebrasseur-Longuet, Ambre Gelley, Lucie Marchand, Mélanie Simony

4 budget managers: Soizic Le Mestre, Anne Dumont, Guillaume Le Meut, Ami Sangare

2 secretaries: Jenny Créantor, Chloé Gindre - Tél.: +33 (0)1 44 23 06 58 –