ANRS departments

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The director represents the ANRS nationally and internationally.

The general secretary assists the director of the ANRS. 

The administrative and financial departments

The administrative and financial departments plan, manage, follow up, and steer the missions of the ANRS.

Scientific departments

Five scientific departments:
- define research projects and organize their scientific assessment
- implement and monitor projects in regulatory and scientific terms, and keep track of the means allocated to them
- run the sector committees, coordinated actions, and working groups
- help the ANRS director to define and implement the agency’s strategic planning

These are the five departments:
•    Basic HIV/AIDS research
•    HIV/AIDS and HCV vaccine research (this department is part of the Vaccine Research Institute)
•    Hepatitis and HIV clinical research and hepatitis basic research
•    Public health, human sciences, and social research
•    Research in resource-limited countries 

Cross-functional departments

The department of European and international affairs develops the scientific cooperation policy of the ANRS in Europe and worldwide. 

The scientific information and communication department
This department informs public bodies and the national and international partners of the ANRS of the advances in ANRS-supported research and of the agency's actions. 

The pharmacovigilance department, upstream of and during research, liaises with the ANRS as sponsor, researchers, and the health authorities. 

The quality assurance officer is in charge of the agency's quality assurance policy and ensures compliance with the appropriate procedures in research, in particular research sponsored by the ANRS.

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